Target Mega Online Sale on Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day

Black Friday is a thing of the past. Amazon Prime Day deals are even better for all Prime members. But there is one other retailer that wants to cash in on that same day too. Target is aiming to take some cash from Jeff Bezos on July 17th with its own mega website sale. Between those two we are standing to shell out some serious cash.
If you are out of your nightly eye cream, you are in luck – Target will discount all beauty and personal care products by 25%. Just got rid of your old juicer and looking to start making morning smoothies instead? Target has you covered with small kitchen appliance and cookware sale. Can’t forget stunning bed sheets you saw at your friend’s house? Get them at Target from Opalhouse or Project 62 for 30% off. Want to remodel and redesign your home? Get a nice head start with 30% off Target-exclusive décor brands and items.
If you have little ones to entertain and to dress, you are in luck too, because lots of baby related items and gear will be on sale too. The Mega sale will include toys, 30% off baby gear, and $5 discounts on books with $20 purchase. Every member of your family will find something nice.
Google products, like Google home will also be discounted by 30%. This is no accident because Google is Amazon’s biggest competitor.
Target is talking loud and clear about no need to have membership to shop all the amazing sales. Amazon Prime members are the only ones eligible for sales day discounts, but free week trial members can also get join in the shopping spree. If you spend more than a $100 at Target, you can get free six-month Shipt membership to get free same-day shipping program, just like Amazon. So get on it as soon as you can on July 17th!
Target’s sale will start early in the morning and will last until midnight. This is one aspect of the sale that Amazon wins – its sale will launch on July 16th 3 pm and will last until the same time as Target. This way Amazon will have a longer time to collect your money for all the goods you have been eyeing for a while. You can shop one, shop another, or shop both to your heart’s content. So set up an alarm, don’t forget, and get the credit cards ready to do some serious buying. Those goodies won’t buy themselves after all!

12 Best Father’s Day Sales and Deals

Father’s Day is coming up on June 17th, so some shopping is definitely due. Fathers might be harder to shop for than moms, because they seem to already have everything and are often not in the need of little cute gifts or beauty supplies. We collected 12 ideas and great deals for you to take a look at and maybe even find something that your dad might like.

Fathers-Day-Meal -Delivery-Service

  1. Blue Apron Meal Delivery Service

Blue Apron delivers food to the house for those busy dads that don’t have enough time to cook on the daily basis. Moms can benefit from such a gift too. If you will sign them up during Father’s Day sale, you will get $50 off the first weeks’ delivery, which is 50% off your two week delivery. Only new customers qualify.


  1. Creative Irish Gifts

This idea is great for dads who have something Irish in them or like to perform a jig; otherwise, skip this idea. The gifts have everything Irish you can think of and offer personalization to blow your old man away. Think barware, clothing, decorations, and many more. You can get free shipping with a code for Father’s Day.

Use code GMAY181C


  1. Travel Deals with

This company is known for inexpensive plane tickets, hotels, and car rentals. This year they offer Father’s Day specials. If your dad loves to travel and your budget permits such a lavish gift, rest assured you will get a good deal here. Trying to split the gift with siblings might be a good idea.

Use code MYDAD9


  1. Jelly Beans

If the men in your life enjoy munching on those sweets, give them a gift of Jelly Beans. They are running a promotion where you can get 15% off when you buy $39 or more. You can choose different flavor combinations and different gift packs.

Use code YOUSAVE15


  1. Athletic clothing

For every fit dad in your life Macy’s offers great deals on MBA apparel. You can get 50% off select basketball clothing. While your dad will enjoy wearing his favorite team close to heart, you will enjoy the savings you got while shopping for him.

Use code SCNBAPLAYOFF20 for 20% Off NBA Crates



  1. Epic Father’s Day shirts

Check out Groupon for perfect t-shirt for your dad. You can choose the words based on his sense of humor. Some sizes are 15% or more off the regular price, so that should leave you both happy.


  1. Home Improvement

If you have a DIY kind of pop who always has projects around the house, head to Lowes or Home Depot to pick something useful. Both of those stores will start sales a week before Father’s Day and will have plenty of supplies to choose from.


  1. Professional wardrobe

Think about the boost of confidence you could give your dad if you upgraded his work attire. Jos. A. Bank have a printable $20 off $100 coupon, so print it and bring it in to find something wonderful for your dad. The store has a crazy selection of dress shirts, ties, slacks, and everything any office needs. You can even score something for yourself with the savings you will be getting.

  1. Get lucky on a Father’s Day deal

Keep an eye on sites like Groupon and Woot! to catch great deals as soon as they show up. The deals of the day come up every day, but are gone almost instantly. Days and weeks before Father’s Day are great for catching something excited for your dad. Woot! offers free shipping for all Amazon Prime members.

  1. Summer grilling packages

It would be hard to find a dad or a grandfather who don’t have access to a grill in summer. If they do, get them an assorted grilling gift from Omaha Steaks and make every meat lover happy. The company offers 50% off and free shipping for Father’s Day. This deal includes filet mignon, top sirloins, chicken breasts, and steak burgers.


  1. More meat

Chicago Steak Company also wants your dad to cook some meat and offers their hand-cut, Midwestern raised, premium Angus USDA Prime beef at a great price. You can get 4 sirloin steaks with your order and a $25 Gift. In addition to that, Chicago Steak Company offers reward points for future purchases.



  1. Sale on belts

Klik Belts are nothing like your old fashioned regular belts. They are stylish, heavy duty, and feature a special Cobra belt buckle that is considered the strongest in the world. Nothing is getting that belt unbuckled. They are used by the Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines, and special services uniforms. You can choose from many colors and styles and let your dad feel the power. Klik Belts will let you save 10% on your Father’s Day order + free shipping.


2018 Memorial Day Deals

The official beginning of summer is not until the solstice in June, but who’s to say that the season doesn’t start with Memorial Day? This year the end of spring falls on May 28th, so get ready for some shopping that weekend and enjoy all the great deals you can get.

Many merchants have various coupons and discounts to attract shoppers, so you just need to know where to look for them and what kinds of items to buy. Leave all summer clothes and supplies for fall shopping – it is definitely not the time for that now, even with Memorial Day sales.

2018 Memorial Day

Sales can start early

The beginning of official discounts and sales vary from year to year. Some years saw the sales start on May 6th; others didn’t get the first discount until May 16th. Dick’s Sporting Goods is usually the first merchant to release Memorial Day discounts and beat the competition.

In 2017, the vast majority of sales, 66%, were posted between May 21-27. The closer the date, the more sales you will be spotting at your favorite brands. Only a small amount of deals are released on Memorial Day itself, usually about 14%. While you should definitely scout for coupons on the weekend, be on the lookout the entire month.

Great savings on clothing

May is definitely a wrong month to shop for summer apparel if you want to score good deals, but still check out for sartorial selections. Clothing sales make about 50% of all Memorial Day discounts. Common discounts are 20% to 80% off at L.L. Bean, Reebok, Charlotte Russe, Vera Bradley, Hanna Andersson, and The Children’s Place. Look for discounted out of season clothes and some summer apparel. You can get great discounts on shoes at and other sites – we are talking about 75% off here!

Some pricey designer brands are often on sale too. Check out Cole Haan, Ralph Lauren, Bloomingdale’s, and Rebecca Minkoff. They all had Memorial Day sales last year and offered deep discounts, anywhere from 20% to 60%. Cole Haan and Ralph Lauren almost always have 30% off, so this year should not be an exception.

In addition to great discounted prices, make sure you take advantage of coupons and stack them if you can. Some of those coupons can give you 15% or 30% off on top of already good price.

Coupons for non-clothing items

Memorial Day discounts apply for more than just clothing. You can get great deals on travel, home goods, baby gear, auto parts, furniture, appliances, music instruments, and even cars. often offers $50 off hotel stays at selected locations, and eBay invites shoppers to  on many different categories, like crafts, food, and sporting goods with coupons like 20% off $50. Many travel sites, Advanced Auto Parts, and Musician’s Friend might make you happy with 15% or 20% off coupons.

Home goods at 80% off

Imagine being able to shop for items for your home and still keep some serious money in your pocket – about 23% of sales on Memorial Day were on home and garden items, patio chairs, and furniture, and décor. If the pattern holds, you will be able to get outdoor furniture and grills at 50% off at Home Depot and up to 70% off in Walmart. Lowe’s often discounts home improvement items and makes shopping for your DIY projects a breeze with up to 40% off. Appliances, grills, and lighting are also expected to sport some good savings.

If you have some kitchen sprucing up plans on the back burner, it might be a good time to stock up at Sur La Table, where a lot of merchandise gets up to 75% off during Memorial Day weekend. JCPenney, Groupon, and Target always produce some good sales, so don’t forget to shop in person or online. Stay away from grills everywhere, except for Home Depot.

Mattresses for a good night’s sleep

For some reason Memorial Day weekend is always a good time to shop for mattresses. Visit JCPenney for up to 55% sales on some of their mattresses. Some coupons might also apply to this discount. Amazon and Walmart offer great deals on mattresses too, so expect to pay just $70 for memory foam twin-size mattress.

Home Depot also joins in the mattress sales feast with a 12” Lucid Queen mattress for just $310.

In addition to mattresses, Amazon offered discounts on foundations, like $64 for Queen foundation and free shipping last year. Not to be outdone, Walmart had Full foundation for just $52. There is no reason why similar or even better discounts wouldn’t be available this year.

Travel discounts

Many people think about vacations and exotic trips at the beginning of the summer, when schools are out and the beach is calling. Memorial Day weekend sees many sales for different types of travels. Booking your next flight, hotel, or an entire vacation package during this weekend will definitely save you some money.

While air travel is discounted in general, some routes can be bought for as low as $64. Travelocity periodically offers 15% off on certain hotels, while takes $50 off some locations, as we mentioned earlier.

Many companies and travel agencies have discounted rates on long vacations, like seven days in Italy or five nights in Iceland. This is a great time to plan that trip you always wanted to go on.

Savings beyond the Memorial weekend

Not all merchants end their sales and discounts at midnight on Sunday. A lot of them extend their deals for a few more days. Some stores might still have savings events going on as late as June 3rd, so continue keeping an eye out.

Use these tips and enjoy your long weekend shopping sprees!

Early Bird Mother’s Day Sales

Some of us have no time for gift shopping. Others have no budget for it. If we have to plan our expenses very carefully, it might happen that a very important gift just didn’t fit in ahead of time. We certainly love our moms though and want to express our feelings with a gift, so these thoughtful last minute ideas can be very handy. Mother’s Day early bird sales are lifesavers!

  1. Amazon

Mother's Day by TravelNut

Amazon certainly knows a thing or two about last minute shopping, so to prepare for the rush, they are reducing the prices and discounting various beauty gifts, fashion and home goods to get you set for Mother’s Day in time.

  1. Anthropologie

Anthropologie bag

The retailer has 25% off sale items, including beauty supplies and clothing for your stylish mom. All you have to do is check it out in time.

  1. Best Buy

Apple Watch Series 3

The electronics giant is offering many significant discounts on various electronic devices and gadgets. You know she needs a new camera desperately, or Roomba to take over some cleaning.

  1. eBay

6-Piece Kitchen Gadgets Set

eBay has many electronics items on sale, up to 50% off in fact, so hurry up before it’s over. Apple watches are on sale and so are various appliances, cooking supplies, dishes, jewelry, and many other products.

  1. FTD

Mother's Day Bouquet

This flower shop has great promotions on all kinds of flowers, house plants, and other gifts – all for 20% off. You know your mom would love a beautiful bouquet, while you would equally love the savings.

  1. JCPenney

Fitbit Alta HR Heart Rate Wristband

The Mother’s Day sale gives you 25% off on your $100 or larger purchases or 20% on less than $100 spent. Hurry up – the sale is limited time!

  1. Lord & Taylor

This store includes children’s and men’s fashion apparel in addition to women’s, so everybody can look good on this Mother’s Day.

  1. Macy’sunique gift

Macy’s invites to join them for a little Mother’s Day shopping spree with great discounts on beauty, fashion, and technology.

  1. Overstock

The store has you covered with awesome deals on select jewelry, watches, and edible gifts – 15% off. You can save another 30% if you buy clothing and shoes.

  1. Sephora

Your ultimate destination for beauty supplies offers a $100 gift card for your Mom and an extra $20 bonus for you. The store also has weekly deals on many popular products, so make sure you know about them.

  1. Williams-Sonoma

Bakeware Set

The store knows that every mom could use a little upgrade on her bakeware and cookware, so get her something new in this department for 75% off during the sale.

  1. 1-800-Flowers

Bouquet at Mothers Day

Use code “MOM” before May 7th and save 20% off plants, bouquets, and arrangements. Making her happy can be pretty easy!

Free Earth Day Eco-Friendly Goods

Happy Earth Day Sale 2018

Earth Day has been celebrated since 1970 and its popularity is still increasing as so many environmental issues linger. A big part of humanity still needs education and literacy about the climate issues and solutions. We celebrate this day with scientific teach-ins and science marches. We take friends and family to events and reward our environmental consciousness with free gifts many companies offer to commemorate the Earth Day.

Read on to find out what the responsible retailers are and what are they offering on this day:

Tanger Outlets offer free $10 gift card when you download their app. “Earth Day Exclusive Deal” is in the app and should be presented to Tanger sales associate to be redeemed.

Youfit gym invites participates a day early to enjoy free workouts and Lime Card privileges. The sports venue offers games, giveaways, and friendly competitions to celebrate the Earth and your body.

BurgerFi restaurants celebrate the Earth day with serving great all natural beef burgers and with a gift of plantable lettuce seed coaster. Grow on!

Staples rewards members will receive great coupons towards their purchases for recycling certain electronic devices in the store.

National Parks invite all nature lovers to enjoy the beauty of our Earth for free. National Park week ends the same weekend as Earth Day, so take advantage of free admission and celebrate in the great outdoors.

EVOS traditionally offers free organic milkshakes for all to commemorate the Earth Day. They are located in Florida and have stores in other states. The company takes pride in using responsibly-sourced organic milk and sugar.

Glass Dharma sells all glass straws for 25% less the entire month of April and also gifts a free Earth straw for every $25+ order.

In addition to free gift and discounts, the company invites shoppers to participate in a contest for $200 in various prizes by submitting a short video about the plastic straws’ effects on our planet and marine life. All videos must be submitted before April 22 and there is no limit on how many each participant can send in.

Target celebrates the Earth Day by offering a coupon towards a new car seat if you bring your old one to be recycled. The coupon is for 20% off and can be used in the store or online. Target partners with TerraCycle to make sure the old car seats are recycled into new products.

Caribou Coffee offers a free cup of java on Earth Day. Customers can also win unlimited brewed coffee for the entire month.

IKEA joins the celebration by offering free LED bulbs and coffee in the stores. The retailer hosts Sustainable Living Your Way and invites patrons to come in early and sign up for free IKEA Family membership to receive a free 2-pack of RYET 400 lumen LED bulbs. First 200 customers will enjoy this gift. The bulbs will be discounted by 20% until May 2nd for the rest of us. Free coffee is available to get energized after the shopping is done.

Primary Games offer free Earth Day themed games for kids. If you don’t have any planned events to attend nearby, you can stay home and learn about recycling, solve crossword puzzles, and build a virtual green city with kids.

Ruby Tuesday offers buy one and get one free deal for their salad bar options. This deal is available on their Facebook page and through the e-club on the website.

Burt’s Bees sometimes offers free wildflower seeds with some purchases. There are other companies who include free seed packages or plantable cards with purchases, so keep an eye out for those.

Amazon is known to have great discounts on Earth related and themed shows and movies, like Planet Earth. It might even be 50% off!

Evolution EPA-compliant trash bags on Amazon are 25% off on some days in April with a coupon code, so don’t miss out on this deal.

President’s Day Sales 2018

When it comes to President’s day sales, the sky is the limit. There are so many options to choose from, you’ll have a blast with your shopping spree. Whether it’s travel, electronics and appliances, home, or clothes, you are guaranteed to save money!



  • Booking at least two nights for a hotel stay with Priceline is great because you can enter the code “PRESIDENTRMN” and a get 5% discount.
  • On select hotels, get 15% off with Orbitz if you enter the code “VACAYAWAY”.

Electronics and Appliances

Kitchen gadgets - refrigerator

  • With Best Buy, you get up to a 35% discount on many useful appliances such as washers, refrigerators, and kitchen gadgets. The offer lasts until February 28.
  • Lenovo offers excellent computer deals! You can get up to a 75% discount on select desktops, laptops, and more until February 20, 4 a.m.
  • Dell is a great computer company which offers discounts up to 40% off, along with 12% back in rewards on desktops, laptops, gaming PCs, Chromebooks and more. Offer ends February 21.



  • Pottery Barn offers an excellent President’s Day Weekend sale up to 70% off on pillows, bedding, rugs, storage, and more.
  • Pier 1 Imports offers a 15% off deal on non-discount items. You must use the code “15OFF” for the offer to work. Also, if you are a Pier 1 Rewards member, you can get 20 percent off if you use the code “REWARDS20”. The offer lasts through February 19th.
  • Target is offering an amazing online deal! Home items are discounted by 30 percent, indoor and outdoor rugs get an extra 15% off. Upon checkout, use the code “GEORGE” for the offer to work.



  • NorthStyle is offering 15% off discounts for all orders over $80 until February 20th.
  • Everything in Aéropostale is 60 percent off! Works both in store and online, until February 22.
  • Adidas is offering over 1,000 products ranging from 10-50% off! You’ll find sales on shoes, sportswear, and so much more.

At Macy’s, use the code “PRES” before February 19th. Men’s clothes are up to 75% off and women’s shoes are 40% off. Women’s coats are all under $99 which is amazing! Don’t skip out on these amazing deals!

10 Awesome Toys for the Holiday Wish List

  1. Marbotic interactive learning system $90

1.	Marbotic interactive learning system

Basically, it’s a very great toy for toddlers because it lets them hold physical objects such as letters and numbers and interact with them using their tablet. It includes 10 wooden numbers and 26 letters. It will help kids learn how to spell, write, count, and do basic math. The kid should grab a letter, put it on top of the tablet, and then it will appear onscreen as well as speak out the corresponding phonetic sound.

  1. XPV Xtreme skateboard $50

XPV Xtreme skateboard

This is an unorthodox remote-controlled vehicle. Not a car. Not a helicopter. But a skateboard. Designed to do crazy stunts, it can go up to a crazy 14 mile per hour speed! That comes in at a 100-foot range.

  1. Barbie DreamHorse $100

Barbie DreamHorse

I don’t think anyone imagined of an advanced Barbie play set. Well here it is! The robotic horse has a seat for one Barbie. It responds to touch and voice control! You can even feed it small plastic carrots, and it will crunch on it! You can experiment with over 20 reactions and sounds.

  1. Jurassic World VR adventure $59

Jurassic World VR adventure

It’s simple. No crazy computers needed except for your phone! That’s right, your phone is now an amazing VR machine. It comes with a controller and with the press of a button you get transported into a dinosaur world inspired by the Jurassic Park movies!

  1. Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit $100

Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit

Ever wanted to build your own droid just like Anakin Skywalker? Using the parts included in this kit, you can become the best mechanic in the galaxy! You should download the Droid inventor app which teacher young ones the basics of electricity and circuit building.

  1. Tiny Arcades $20

Tiny Arcades

The title says it all! They are tiny arcades fitting in the palm of your hand which feature classic games such as Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, Space Invaders, and Galaxin. Bring old memories back!

  1. Kamigami bug robots $50

Kamigami bug robots

This is a DIY kit which includes all the parts you need to build your favorite bug species such as ladybug, scorpion, or ladybug. This is similar to origami (paper folding), but instead of paper you use parts from flat plastic sheets. If you buy two they can battle and see which species wins and is the king of your garden! On top of that you can learn to code by programming them! They pack a gyroscope, accelerometer, two infrared sensors, infrared transmitter, tri-color LEDs, and a rechargeable battery.

  1. Nintendo Switch $300

Nintendo Switch

It isn’t just for kids! The device is a blend between a home console and mobile. It was unveiled in March and was a huge for one reason: it’s very fun to play with! This includes a tablet with detachable controllers on both sides. When you want to get the TV experience, you can simply detach the controllers, put the tablet in the charging base connected to the TV. The transition is seamless. You can easily “switch” from playing a game on the go to playing it on the go.

  1. Mind Racers $79

Mind Racers

This is no ordinary race track. You place your cars on the tracks which lead through a tunnel under the iPad base. Then the cars magically appear onscreen and your kids will have a blast racing each other. On the digital track, you will find different tokens which grant you special abilities such as upping the speed!

  1. Hatchimals Surprise

Hatchimals Surprise

Two very cute dragons self-hatch from a sparkling egg. The twins interact with each other and even you! They dance, giggle, sing, and say “I love you.” You also can’t leave them apart for a while because they will get upset. They also include LED eyes.

Top 10 best Christmas gifts for Kids (infants-teenagers)

Lego Boost Creative Toolbox

Lego Boost Creative Toolbox $160

This amazing set lets you build and program robots using the Lego pieces provided! Program the robot using a tablet. A major advantage is that you can actually combine your existing system bricks with this set! My 14 year old son loves this set and he is actually recommends this set from ages 6-infinity. This set has a very wide age demographic and you shouldn’t worry about your child growing out of it soon.

CAP Barbell 40-Pound Adjustable Dumbbell

CAP Barbell 40-Pound Adjustable Dumbbell Set $50

Do you have a freshman who dreams of being the strongest kid in school? If yes, viola, his wish came true! An excellent rust and maintenance free design also feature ergonomic grips, rubber trip collars, and comfort handles. This is guaranteed to encourage your teenager to become the next Arnold Schwartznegger!

Stop Motion Animation Kit


Stop Motion Animation Kit $60

This is the perfect tool for the kid that has an interest in movies! I have a son who loves filming and directing movies so he would definitely love this! This kit includes fun pieces to make the best goofy characters ever! The sky is the limit! On top of that, the included software and camera will leave your kid feeling like a Hollywood movie producer.

Air Wars Battle Drones


Air Wars Battle Drones $64

This perfect product lets your loved ones unleash their battle tactics in the air! (kids and adults) These 2 drones come with 4 pre-programmed attack moved and 3 different speed settings. One of the drones is red and the other is white!

Hape Checkout Register

Hape Checkout Register $29

Your baby will feel like a shopkeeper when they play with this amazing register! It is an excellent learning tool also! Babies can count, swipe, and cash out! Cha-ching!
Myhtical creatures do exist! Tell Santa Claus to give your little girl her dream gift this Christmas! Coming in at a whopping 3 foot height, your girl will love being cordial with her new toy!

Giant Stuffed Unicorn

KidiRace RC Police Car $38

Any RC enthusiast would love to receive this car any time! It features a realistic light and sound combination which is guaranteed to make anyone cop-obsessed (or car-obsedded!) Wee-woo-wee-woo!
Anki Cozmo Robot

Anki Cozmo Robot $180

This is by far the best and most affordable robot I’ve seen in my life!  Cozmo is highly sophisticated, kid-friendly, and actually has quite a personality! It features an app you download on to your mobile device to control it and play missions and games with it! It will also recognize you! The future is here!
Self-Balancing Electric Scooter Hoverboard

Self-Balancing Electric Scooter Hoverboard $165

Are you the type of person who is into cool gadgets and whatnot? Then have your kid or even yourself ride a hoverboard. (Segway without a handle.) The built in gyroscope makes it very easy for anyone to master it. They will not forget this and will love you forever!
Minecraft Exploding Creeper

Minecraft Exploding Creeper $23

Any Minecrafter would love an exploding creeper any day! It is the most iconic mob in the game that has been there since one of its earliest releases! You’re probably wondering if it actually explodes. Yes it does! Simply press the button at the top and it will explode into little bits as its signature move!

Top 10 haunted places to visit in California


1. Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary (San Francisco)

This penitentiary has been closed for over 50 years now. Inside the untouched laundry room for a very long time, you can smell the smoke, banjo phantom music, and the creepy sound of running feet. Many horrific apparitions have been reported over the years.

Battery Point Lighthouse

2. Battery Point Lighthouse (Crescent City)

There was a huge tsunami 1964, most of Crescent city was completely destroyed, and yet this lighthouse survived and was left practically undamaged. It is said to be haunted by a playful, unknown ghost. At night, it has been reported that there were rocking chairs and moving slippers by caretakers for no apparent reason.

Rancho Los Amigos Hospital

3. Rancho Los Amigos Hospital (Downey)

Decades ago, the hospital served as treatment place for polio and TB patients. The U.S. Marines stumbled upon a freezer containing legs, feet, and bits of brain. It is also known as “Downey Insane Asylum” or “Hollydale Mental Hospital”

The 60-Acre Corn Maze

4. The 60-Acre Corn Maze (Dixon)

This is the Guinness World Record for absolutely the largest corn maze, it occupies 60 acres. This map is extremely complicated, people say it requires great bravery and many hours of studying the map.

The Queen Mary
5. The Queen Mary (Long Beach)

The Queen Mary has very deep history. The hearing of strange voices and rattling chains has been reported by many of Mary’s guests.

Whaley House

6. Whaley House (San Diego)

This isn’t your typical creepy house built over the cemetery. It is said to have a lot of paranormal activity. A girl died while playing with the Whaley children because she was haunted by their father who committed suicide.

Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

7. Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel (Los Angeles)

When it was first opened in 1927, it was a home to many wonderful celebrities, and it still is. Dancing in the ballroom, Marilyn Monroe’s ghost was spotted and in the mirror room 229. There is also another ghost, Montgomery Clift’s ghost haunts the room 928 where he stayed.

Castello di Amorosa’s Pagan Ball

8. Castello di Amorosa’s Pagan Ball (Napa)

When attending the 6th annual Pagan Ball, you can sample some of Napa’s best wine, as well as exploring the mysterious, haunted chambers.

Mission San Miguel

9. Mission San Miguel (San Miguel)

According to Legend, this place is haunted by the Reed family. They used to live in this place and they were slaughtered by British pirates because the Reeds bragged about a big sum of gold buried under the mission.


10. Disneyland (Anaheim)

Did you know that this fun place is actually haunted? The employees have found bone fragments, ashes, and even a jawbone over the years. It’s even become a tradition to spook your family members while going on creepy rides such as “The Haunted Mansion” and “Pirates of the Caribbean”. And you should get to that Haunted Mansion early, because the line can become really long.

Best Labor Day Sales

Do you feel sad that summer is drawing to the end? There is something that is sure to cheer you up, something you’ve been looking forward all summer long: amazing Labor Day sales.

Labor Day sales are great for shopping for heavily discounted summer apparel and back-to-school supplies. But Labor Day weekend isn’t the only time you can score the best deals. The products that were offered at the full price in May can become available for as low as 75% off in September. And the range of discounted products is really amazing, from swimsuits to lawn furniture and laptops. And many of these sales will be offered in September as well.

In addition to Labor Day there are other great days when you can save a great deal of money. Connecticut, Louisiana and Maryland have tax holidays in a few weeks and National Peach Pie Day (on August 24) along with National Coffee Day (on September 29) can also result in freebies and discounts.

So let’s have a look at some of the best deals you can get starting from now and till the end of September. Keep in mind that prices on clearance items may change fast, so make sure you hurry up if you don’t want to miss these sales.

1. Summer Clothes and Swimsuits

Swimsuit Shopping

Everyone knows that the best time to shop for swimsuits is the fall. Swimwear that was unsold in August will be offered at even lower price, at 75% off the regular price. Several retailers are currently offering great swimwear deals not to be missed.

Check out Bon-Ton women’s swimwear at up to 75% off, including $33 bottoms now available for just $6.49 and tops $6.99.

At Macys you can now get Calvin Klein trunks for 50% off as well as heavily discounted Lands End swimwear for men.

Hanna Anderson is offering a discount on all products including clearance swimsuits, plus free shipping on orders over $75. In addition, new customers can enjoy extra 15% off on already marked down children’s swimwear when the coupon code RAINBOW15 is used.

2. Outdoor Products: Lawn Mower and Patio Furniture

Patio Furniture

August and September is a great time to upgrade your old patio furniture. Stores worth checking include Home Depot and Lowe’s offering savings of up to 70% off, which means saving several hundreds of dollars, depending on the original price of the item. For example, right now at Walmart you can save around $300 on the adjustable pool chaise. In addition the retailer features a good dining set marked down to $499 from its original $799 price. At Home Depot you will also find great deals, like outdoor dining chairs for $199.75 instead of the original price of $799.

3. Last-Minute Back-to-School Supplies

Back-to-School Supplies

Parents who shop back to school supplies in the end of August or early September can take advantage of incredible deals. Now you can purchase composition books for $0.75 at Office Depot and one-subject notebooks for just $0.17 at Walmart. While many retailers offer only in-store deals, Land’s End pleases its online customers with discounts on backpacks and lunch boxes, plus you can benefit from an additional 50% off now if you use the coupon code BACKPACK50 and enter the pin 7476 at checkout.

4. Air Conditioners

Air Conditioners

The cooler the air outside is the cheaper air conditioners become. As demands for this sort of products drops stores are trying to clear out big-ticket items like air-conditioners. At JCPenney you can take advantage of an enticing deal on a LG window air conditioner, plus with promo code FRIDGE7 applied to your order you will score an extra 10% off.

5. Laptops


Early September is a suitable time to upgrade your computer or purchase a new laptop. Last year the bulk of the Editors’ Choice laptop deals were in September. If you are searching for a 15-inch laptop featuring current-generation Intel Skylake processors make sure you check out Cowboom, Dell Home, Newegg and Lenovo (save more with Lenovo discounts) as these retailers tend to offer the best deals. Those who opt for an Apple laptop had better check out Best Buy, eBay (save more with ebay promo codes) and Micro Center. This year the Apple Store offers just a free pair of headphones with the purchase of a MacBook or iPad Pro to qualifying students.

If you can’t wait till September to get those deals there are some bargains that are currently available for customers. Newegg offers 11.6-inch MacBook Airs for just $369, and you can save an extra $25 if you enter the code MPBTS17 during MasterPass checkout. Best Buy runs a $100 sale on a 13-inch Apple MacBook Pro.

6. Plane Tickets


By planning your Thanksgiving and Christmas vacations far ahead you can save lots of money. For three years in a row the best prices were available 80 days before Christmas so late September and early October seems to be the time to start booking your flights. Plus, if you book your Thanksgiving flight six weeks ahead you can get average domestic roundtrip airfares of $287, instead of $341 when you book last minute.

In fact, roundtrip domestic flights are expected to decline 2.1% in September reaching its bottom in October. This is the time when people don’t travel much so you can score great deals on flights to such popular destinations as Florida, the Caribbean, Columbia and Costa Rica. In August travelers will be able to save up to 24% on flights to Ft. Myers, Tampa and Palm Beach.

Inexpensive airline tickets offered by low-cost carriers impact low airfare as well. In September travelers who are flexible on dates can save on weekend trips to Oslo, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Paris and London.

7. Previous-Generation (or Used) iPhones

Used iPhones

If you want a new phone why not get an iPhone with a steep discount. Apple is launching a new model early in September, so prices on older versions will drop drastically. While the new iPhone is going to cost from $850 to $1,200, you will be able to get cheap used iPhones for much less. For example, at eBay you can get a used 32GB gold iPhone 7 at $499 whereas iPhone 6 16GB starts around $200. Now Target offers a free $100 gift card for customers who purchase iPhone 7 and activate new service.

8. Printers


Printers are part of back-to-school supplied so they typically go on sale in September as well. You can purchase a simple black-and-white laser printer for around $100. Currently Staples offers a Dell mono laser printer for $99.99 (marked down from $219.99) and Fry’s has a Canon all-in-one Inkjet printer at $64.99 from $99.99.

9. Grills


In September you can snag grills and BBQ-related utensils at clearance prices. For example, Walmart now has grills on sale, with some models offered at $139. Sears also offers some good deals on grills, like a Kenmore four-burner gas grill at $199.99 (marked down from $279.99).

10. Trees and Plants


Fall deals on plants will please many gardeners. Take advantage of these sales to get a variety of perennials, shrubs and trees. Such plants as sedum, peonies and Coneflowers will easily withstand severe winter cold, even in northern areas. To get the plants at the lowest price possible consider checking out Lowe’s and Home Depot, which are known for offering generous discounts on their garden products.